❤️ for Our Bare Feet!

❤️ for Our Bare Feet!

Lacey Haegen
Who's ready for bare feet?! We sure are! Get ready FEET! 👣

It's your time to shine and your turn for some love ❤️!

I'm about to share my favorite feet-care secret with you - rough heels and calluses will be a thaaang of the past!

And....I promise you, you haven't heard this before....

First up...Rough Heals. How do we get baby soft heals...without using that horrid cheese grater thing? (please, don't ever use one of those!)

First, you are going to need a foot file and we have one of the best foot files there is on our website! (Did you know that pumice stones can actually make the roughness worse, because they are so scraggly...they actually tear the skin and exfoliate unevenly?) Next, you'll need our Unscented Body Cream with Magnesium and Allantoin. (Its a big bottle, but its UH-MAZING for your whole body too).

Here is the trick and it is kinda' gross, but also great.

Here goes. Right after you get out of the shower, sit on the toilet (with the lid down obvi) and towel dry ONE foot. Immediately, start rubbing the Foot File back and forth on all of the callused areas of your foot, moving from area to area. At first, nothing much will happen. Buuuut keep rubbing... all of a sudden, your foot will be just the right amount of moist and dry at the same time, and the skin will start to roll off as you file! It will just keep rolling and rolling off, until suddenly, it will stop. Then rinse your foot, towel it off again, and apply the Unscented Body Cream with Magnesium and Allantoin (be careful that your feet aren't slippery). Magnesium strengthens the newly exposed skin and Allantoin helps skin "knit-back-together" evenly, for accelerated healing after the great scrub-off.

Now, you'd think that you could just switch feet, and do the other, but you actually have to do the other foot the next day. There is a very specific window of time after getting out of the shower for this to work. And, by the time you are done with one foot, the window closes. Especially in the beginning when you are breaking down the roughest old skin.

Even after the first treatment, your feet will be so soft! And, if you do this once a week for a few weeks in a row, you should notice a tremendous difference in your feet!


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