Cleansing with OIL?

Cleansing with OIL?

Lacey Haegen
Have you ever tried to wash your kitchen floor without sweeping it first? It certainly makes the job harder and you're really just wiping around a bunch of wet crumbs and gunk!

We love using this analogy for washing our face without removing all of the makeup (face AND eye!), dirt, sunscreen, pollution, and dead skin that builds up throughout the day. We're just sloshing all the gunk around if we jump straight into a soap-based cleanser!

The result of adding Yuzu Oil Cleanser to your nightly routine is cleaner, softer, smoother skin, with less pore congestion over time. Your makeup will also wear longer and smoother!

There are definitely some need-to-knows about HOW TO USE and get the best result from Oil Cleansing - watch our video below!



Prepare your skin for a good nights rest by taking off all that has built up during the day.

Yuzu Oil Cleanser is an Eye & Face Makeup Remover that breaks down makeup and loosens dead skin cells so they can be "swept up" with damp cotton pads. Yuzu is a luxurious citrus essential oil that breaks up congestion deep in the pores. Skin becomes softer and more refined with nightly oil cleansing in preparation for washing the skin with one of our soap-based cleansers.



  1. Add 3-4 pumps of Yuzu Oil Cleanser to DRY fingertips. 
  2. Rub your fingertips together and then massage the oil onto DRY face and eyes for 1 minute. You will feel the oil begin to warm and the texture will become more liquid.
  3. Wet 4 cotton pads with warm to hot water and squeeze them out.  
  4. Take 2 of the cotton pads and wipe your face and eyes to begin lifting the oil, dirt, makeup, etc. from your skin.
  5. Repeat with the other 2 cotton pads to remove all residual.
  6. Throw away cotton pads.
  7. Yuzu Oil Cleanser is used to remove makeup, debris, and dead skin cells. For best results, follow your oil cleansing ritual with your choice of our soap based Facial Cleansers for a refreshing double cleanse.  Want to know HOW to cleanse?  Check out this post!

Check it out!

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