Lacey Haegen

That's right, we FINALLY have an Affiliate Program!

So the question is...

Do you💗Beautè Nouveau products and share about them all the time? 

We want to reward you for that!  We💗that you already earn Botanical Beauty Points to redeem for discounts off of your own purchases, but what if you could earn a 'lil' extra gas 💸 money?!

We are excited to announce we now have an Exclusive Affiliate Program for our loyal clients (you!) so you can earn income 💸 for sharing about your favorite products!!

It's simple!

1. Set up your account and create your unique link.
(watch our quick video below).

2. When you tell a friend about a favorite product 
- text, email, or post your unique link.

3. They click on your unique link to enter your own special version of our website and add some products to their cart.

4. When they checkout, you automatically earn 20% commission of any product they purchase (regardless of what product you told them about!)

The beautè of our program is that there is zero pressure, it is very generous (up to 20% commission!), and you can put as much effort into it as you want!  You will receive commissions directly into your paypal account at the beginning of each month (for the previous month), and there are no sales goals to reach (apparently many companies require a certain amount of sales before you can access your commission!) And, no matter what product you might share about, you will earn commission on any product purchased using your unique link or code.  

We are planning to have monthly zoom meetinga with our affiliates to answer questions and help you with ideas too!



Email hello@beautenouveau.com

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