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For more than a decade, San Diego has been a mecca for talented makers, inspired artisans, and mindful entrepreneurs. There are so many wonderful products and brands that are hand made in San Diego, and our very own Beaute Nouveau has been part of that movement since 2013. 

Beaute Nouveau began with a vision for clean beauty made only from botanical ingredients, in a small studio workshop first in the neighborhood of South Park, then Mission Hills, and then Mission Valley.  San Diego laid the foundation for this beautiful beauty brand with local events such as Makers Arcade, San Diego Made, and The Local Bazaar being the first reveals of the unique, hand made, clean skin care we all love so much. The support and encouragement from the community of other influencers, artisans, and shoppers looking to support and uplift their local brands was the wind beneath the wings of the company.  

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San Diego Skin Care: 10 years later

Ten years later, Beaute Nouveau is still soaring on the wind of San Diego supporters, local shops such as Native Poppy, Vocabulary Boutique, Wild Dove, Gallery at Lands End, and Wonderface (to name a few), and loves to be a part of this community that continues to value the endeavors of the artists, makers, and mindful business owners.  

Beaute Nouveau is as committed as ever before to small batch, hand made products made from the finest botanical ingredients, intentionally crafted for amazing luxury skin care experiences.  Whether you are an individual looking for decadently natural products to treat your delicate skin to, or you are a boutique, spa, or esthetician looking for a gorgeous line your clients will love, Beaute Nouveau will surprise and delight you! Our most famous is our Creme Nouveau.

Proprietary Recipes

All of the Beaute Nouveau recipes have been created in house by our Founder, Lacey Haegen. The brand is unique in that none of the products are private labeled from a large manufacturer. They have all been intentionally developed and hand made in San Diego.  They are full of imagination and combine the finest botanical ingredients and are a modern interpretation of vintage recipes.  No harsh chemicals or unpronounceable laboratory concoctions make it into these products.  We prefer the ol' fashioned way and treat all of our products with the same love and adoration as a chef does their cuisine.

The Meaning of Beaute Nouveau

Beaute Nouveau means New Beauty in French. This name is inspired for a couple of reasons. First, French skin care culture is all about preservation, gentle care, and ritual.  About old world elegance, atelier potions, and hand made apothecary from botanical ingredients.  They also adore beautiful packaging and beautifully displaying their products for daily use.  We also love the attitude of French beauty culture; the idea that they use their products because they are beautiful, not to make them beautiful.

Secondly, the name Beaute Nouveau is inspired by the Art Nouveau movement of the early 20th century.  This art movement is seen by many as not just a style of art, but as a social movement as well.  It was a time of much upheaval in the social classes and huge wealth discrepancies and Artists of the Nouveau style were leaders in progressing social change. For the first time, Artists were setting their prices and value was being placed on skill and creativity, not just on the cost of the materials.  They were also being paid for their time, and they were taking it.  They were creating one of a kind masterpieces in all kinds of mediums and using nature and organic lines as inspiration.  They were not accepting the definition of what the bourgeoisie considered art, or beautiful; the Artists were setting new definitions.  

That is the piece that most inspired our name, Beaute Nouveau.  We feel like we are in a parallel time when definitions of beauty are being set by big industry, and these definitions are being exploited to sell products, billions and billions of dollars of products.  Their marketing tells us that we use products to make us beautiful, not because we are already beautiful and deserve to use lovely potions.  

We are also in a time when mass produced products with patented ingredients, squirted into lifeless jars by giant machines are thought to "work" better than natural ingredients.  We smirk at the idea of hand made products as a nice idea, but not effective agents of anti-aging.  Many people would rather purchase a jar full of plastics, preservatives, and fragrance endorsed by a celebrity, than trust the hand made, small batch product with their beauty.

We named Beaute Nouveau as an homage to Art Nouveau, to inspire whoever is ready, to fall back in love with artisanal, botanical potions, made intentionally in ateliers.  To shift their mindset from using products to make them beautiful, to using products because they are beautiful. To build up their confidence every day with gentle self care, preservation, and belief in their self-worth and value. 

Our Soul

Beaute Nouveau is a heart-centered company, driven by Vision, Mission, Passion, and Purpose, and Values.  These principals guide us in all that we do.

Our Vision is: to live in a world where all women are beautifully taken care of, appreciated, and celebrated. 

Our Mission is: to support the care of modern women.

Our Passion is: mixing botanical ingredients into the most luxurious self-care products. 

Our Purpose is: to pour love into jars, so when our customers use our crafts, they feel like they are wrapped in a big hug from people out there who care about them and want them to live their best lives every day. We want to boost your self-love so we can all soar a little higher. 

Our Values

  • Accountability: the state of being answerable or responsible for.
  • Courtesy: excellence in manners & consideration
  • Commitment = Accountability + Courtesy
  • Excellence: extraordinary, superior, outstanding quality
  • Grace: beauty in action, demonstrating honor and goodwill.
  • Gratitude: showing deep appreciation.
  • Care: we take care.
  • Growth: gradual increase in development, complexity, and value over time.
  • Honesty: to be relied upon in principals, intentions, and actions. 

We are proud to be hand made in San Diego, and be part of the San Diego Skin Care community.

Have product questions? Interested in Beaute Nouveau for your spa or boutique?

Email us at hello@beautenouveau.com

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