Where Confidence Comes From

Where Confidence Comes From

Lacey Haegen

Do you ever feel guilty about wanting more?  That you should just be grateful for what you have?  But, don’t you also feel discouraged when you talk yourself out of wanting what you want?

Does this leave you with a feeling of not-enough?  Like, if you had enough, or were enough, why would you want more?  And, if you want more, but don’t have it, isn’t there naturally not-enough?

At Beaute Nouveau, one of our missions is to really understand this feeling of not-enoughness and how it holds us back.  How it keeps us stuck in the middle of wanting something...and in that wanting, we are reminded that something is missing.  

But, IS something really missing?  Or, has what we want, just not had the time to develop and unfold?  How do we avoid the trap of not-enoughness and focus on letting the thing we want come to be? How do we live our best lives and access our full potential if we stop ourselves from having what we want?

We certainly don’t have the answer, but would love to hear your thoughts…and we think this quote is a lovely reminder as a mindset that “just because we can always be more, doesn’t mean we aren’t enough.

where confidence comes from


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